Asset Split Network (ASN)

ASN is an Ethereum based asset generating platform, with a focus on
smart contracts generating smart contracts.

We build a platform for
crypto enthusiasts and beginners

Our mission is the simplification of smart contract standards to allow any John Smith the creation of a fitting smart contract for his needs.

All generated contracts become part of the ASN, building a strong and solid community.

Low gas fees for smart contracts, generated by smart contracts is an advantage that also professionals appreciate.

What is EAST?
Asset Split

Problems & Solutions

Many organizations are growing slowly due to small budgets.
ASN will make the change.


John founded his own trailer rental company with only two trailers.

Since there is high demand on John's service, both of the trailers are regulary rented already, when another potential client contacts him. This way John is losing money and also potential customers.



ASN is made to help John

John can now easily design a smart contract which splits his valuables into shares to get liquidity to buy another trailer. Interests are paid automatically, so John can keep his focus on his business. For all this John is using the blockchain, a system he doesn't need to know much about.

EAST Tokensale

Ethereum Asset Split Token (EAST) sale

EAST is the primary payment method for ASN services.
With EAST you can become a shareholder of the ASN.

Token sale started
1 ETH = 100 EAST
Purchase EAST

Get your EAST today and sign a share for your profit tomorrow.

  • Invest 1+ Ether for: 2% bonus
  • Invest 5+ Ether for: 5% bonus
  • Invest 10+ Ether for: 10% bonus
  • Acceptable currencies: ETH
  • Minimum transaction amount: 0.01 ETH
  • Number of tokens for sale: 150,000 EAST (100%)

Additional 900 EAST for the first 5 investors spending 10+ ETH

You can also purchase EAST directly with sending ETH to the ASN token sale contract at 0x745ed8e2dc790c3b26f6458e297d7e5d8d1d1ee8


EAST Shares

Locking 1,000 EAST in your share contract will distribute 1% of the platforms income directly into your pockets.
Only 50 shares are available.

Passive income

All of our payable contracts (including ASN token sale contract) are owned by ASN share manager contract, where all incoming EAST and ETH are distributed to the shareholders. After the token locking period time's up, you can payout your investment anytime and close your share. Profits can be withdrawn anytime.

  • Earn ETH from every EAST token purchase
  • Get ongoing payments from services
  • Offer parts of your share to others
Purchase EAST Sign Share
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Roadmap 2019

Platform idea
Q1 2019
Start token sale

Smart contract integrations

Whitepaper release

Exchange listing
Q2 2019
Custom development

payment integration

Client acquisition I
Q3 2019
Asset offer

Mobile App
release & SCI

Client acquisition II
Q4 2019
DEX integration

DEX rollout

Whitepaper update

Exchange listing


Ethereum Asset Split Token is based on ERC20 standard

Coin Image

Fast & secure

With an average block time of 12 seconds, Ethereum is one of the fastest global blockchain systems. Huge hashing power secures the blockchain, making mining relevant attacks nearly impossible.

Ethereum was the pioneer in implementing smart contracts to the blockchain and still offers the best integration options.

Token Stats

Token Distribution

Our token sale contract owns the total supply of EAST.
The token sale ends when 100% EAST are sold.


Offering the full supply of EAST in this token sale provides safety for our investors. No unpaid bounties, no developer dumps and no freebies will devalue your investment after going live on an exchange.

Locking tokens for all shares will decrease the circulating supply to 100,000 EAST in best case.

Symbol: EAST

Initial Value: 1 ETH = 100 EAST

Type: ERC20

Andiana Trading GmbH


Andiana Trading GmbH is founded in 2015. In early 2017, Diana took over the company
and brought in some fresh ideas.


Motivated and
Dedicated People





Diana Brand
Andreas Pohl
Lead Developer
Alexander Haipl
Marketing, Sales & Insurance
Patrick Kirchberger
Community & Sales


We hope, you will find your answer here.

Please do not send any payment directly from an exchange. The exchange does not know about the transaction and will not forward your purchased tokens.
We are focusing on a first exchange listing in February / March 2019. An earlier listing comes up, when all tokens are sold before already.
EAST address: 0x2d1e23144b89fc7364ed3efcd5af04093f7d9a3d
EAST sale address: 0x745ed8e2dc790c3b26f6458e297d7e5d8d1d1ee8
EAST share manager addresse: 0x14796a10f6dde2a5575cba91cebbdfffe45ca45a
As a share owner you will receive 1% of every EAST/Ether revenue generated by assetsplit.org.
After locking, the circulating EAST supply is decreasing by the amount of the share-required tokens. When the lock time is up, you can unlock and payout your 1,000 EAST anytime you want. The token lock time is starting at 100 days for the first signed share and is decreasing by one day for every following signed share.
When pushing the X-button at the upper right corner of your share, all EAST and ETH get returned to the share owner and his payees. Shares without 1,000 EAST locked, will not receive further revenue after unlocking. This action can't be undone. The share revenue goes back to assetsplit.org.
Remember: Do not send ETH from any exchange directly. Purchasing EAST is possible with any kind of Ethereum wallet. You just need to send some Ether to our token sale contract and receive EAST in return. Sure, you can use our dashboard (with a web3 browser or Metamask) to do this as well. All purchased tokens are distributed to your wallet directly without any locking.
Yes, of course. The more Ether you are investing, the more tokens you will get on top. 1 Ether = 102% EAST (2% Bonus), 5 Ether = 105% EAST (5% Bonus), 10 Ether = 110% EAST (10% Bonus)

Additional 900 EAST for the first 5 investors spending 10+ ETH



Any questions? We’re happy to help.

  • info@assetsplit.org
  • Join us on Telegram t.me/eastofficial